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IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services provides peace of mind by ensuring that experienced resources and personnel are managing your IT environment, reducing risk and providing comprehensive insight into your IT operating environment. We can provide 24/7 monitoring and remediation for all your IT systems and provide visibility into the end-to-end application environment including applications, servers, storage and networks to quickly detect and diagnose the root cause of issues that affect service availability.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a mechanism to allow businesses to scale their computing power at a moment’s notice. Companies are realizing that hosting services in the cloud is a much more cost effective way to handle their business than having to worry about expensive internal infrastructure.

Cloud computing is a way for businesses to host all of their content and any services that they may offer to customers in the cloud. This means there is no longer any need for expensive hardware or to have robust backup procedures in place. With cloud-based solutions, Atlantic PC offers a wide variety of cloud computing services based on the needs of each individual customer. We are experts in VMWare, Microsoft HyperV, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services


The technology needs of today are ever evolving. Current events have necessitated greater flexibility and mobility as means of optimizing efficiency. Our IT network consultants use the most up-to-date technology to provide you with solutions. We leverage our staff’s business and project management skills to create technology plans that help your company reach its full potential no matter what direction the world turns. Whether you need to setup a remote workplace environment for greater employee flexibility, protect your client database, or plan for growth, our staff will design and implement a plan that sets you up for success.



Security is a constant concern revolving around computer use. We are experts at providing you with immediate Ransomware and virus detection and will act swiftly to eliminate threats before they can infect your systems. 
We provide Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Awareness and Training Solutions via KnowBe4 and Next-Generation Firewall Solutions.
Enjoy peace of mind with Atlantic PC’s diverse security plan options.
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Data is the new currency, and in order to stay competitive businesses must protect it. However, data size and volume are increasing at an unprecedented rate, spawning stricter IT regulations and greater downtime costs for businesses. Outdated backup methods simply can’t keep up with today’s business requirements. Image-based backup is the most innovative, reliable method of safeguarding your business by protecting the critical data on your servers.

While traditional solutions only capture data, image-based backup captures a picture of the entire workstation or server and stores it as a unique point in time. If you need to rebuild or virtualize a machine due to damage or disaster, you can quickly restore all of the files, applications and operating systems. Image-based backup offers other benefits that traditional backup methods can’t:

  • Faster recovery of entire systems or individual files

  • Recovery—even to dissimilar hardware or bare metal

  • Local and online backup

  • Remote recovery

Cabling & Physical Infrastructure

The cables hidden behind walls, in floors and above ceilings; unseen by end users are often a forgotten element of IT.  Historically viewed as a “utility”, low-voltage cabling and supporting conduits were seen as expenses to be minimized.  However, with the convergence of voice, data, AV, security and other emerging building systems, the low-voltage physical infrastructure has become a critical link in the delivery of reliable high-performance business services.  Moving forward, both wired and wireless components of the physical infrastructure will become even more critical and need to be even more flexible in order to accommodate constantly increasing transmission speeds and bandwidth requirements.

Our infrastructure team specializes in designing and managing the implementation of the physical infrastructure for new construction, tenant improvements and renovations.  We strive to maximize our clients’ investment in technology over the span of time they occupy facilities, thus enabling seamless integration of all low-voltage technologies on converged network platforms.